Artist Profile: Zoe Benjamin ’20


Courtesy of Benjamin

Mimi Lohanimit, Campus Reporter

An accomplished performer, excellent singer, and outstanding dancer,  Zoe Benjamin ’20 is a true artist, continually putting forth performances that thrill her audiences.

When she was young, Benjamin took ballet, as well as various other dance classes, and voice and acting lessons. These courses inspired her choice to participate in performing arts activities both at Kent and outside of campus. 

“I like self-expression through the world of characters,” Benjamin says. When she plays a character, she explains that she is not playing herself but someone different, which lets her understand more about herself and the role she plays. 

Benjamin adds, “I think it’s really cool to go on stage, leave your own personal judgment behind, and do your job well.”  

Before her performances, Benjamin states that she usually takes the day off to review the lines for a musical or rehearse the choreography for dance one last time. 

“On the day of the show, I usually stay quiet and get myself into the mind space. I don’t do my homework, and drink a lot of tea,” she says. 

To keep her voice in pristine condition, Benjamin does not eat in the two hours before the show. Listening to music quietly, she gets into the songs and is ready to show her power. “I’m super hyped before the shows start. Then, I’ll put all my energy into it.”

Next year, Benjamin is going to begin her new life in college. Applying to be a musical theater major requires her to audition, which entails a pre-screening. She’ll first record a video to send to schools, and then later, if selected, give a live performance on their campuses.

Anticipating this commitment, Benjamin has made a different decision about how she will spend her last year at Kent. For the first three years, her activities were the play in the fall, dance in the winter, and musical in the spring. However, this year, she has chosen to join the girls junior varsity hockey team for the winter term, which is a very exciting change for her. 

Benjamin explains, “I wanted to try something different and new before I go to college to do the same thing for the rest of my life. Also, I want to have an experience on a sports team that I’ve never had before.”

Benjamin is very excited about the Dance Concert and musical this year. Since all performers practice hard each semester to create the show, they love having a lot of support and big reactions from the audience. “We really want everyone to come and enjoy the performances,” she says.

Surely, the Kent community will be out in full force to watch Benjamin and her castmates perform, and we look forward to seeing her continue to grow in her senior year.