Choirs win awards at “The Music in the Park”

Arthur Wang, Campus News Reporter

On May 5, 2023, our Concert Choir and Chamber Choir members went to Six Flags to participate in a “The Music in the Park” competition. 

Like last year, these students won several notable awards. The Concert Choir performed Wide Missouri and Welcome Spring and won second place in the Mixed Choir Competition 1A Choral Division. The Chamber Choir, which performed Je Le Vous Dirai and Doraji, won first place in the Mixed Choir 2A Choral Division. Besides these two awards, Robert Yu, the accompanist of the choir, won outstanding accompanist metal. 

Members of these choirs began preparation for the competition way back in the winter term. When talking about the difficulties during practice, Mrs. Kovacs, the Choral Program Director, mentioned that “the biggest challenge for me as a director, is taking a large group of some experienced, and some very new singers and creating an affected vocal team using everyone’s strengths.” It was also a challenge for the students to not only participate in every practice and rehearsal but also use their own time to practice the songs. 

During the past years, because of the pandemic, the choral program was not officially rebuilt until this year. “I am looking to increase everyone’s skills and joys, and also try to recover the size of the choir that has been reduced due to the pandemic,” said Mrs. Kovacs. Overall, she is really looking forward to next year as more talented new singers are going to be part of the choir program and hopefully starting to travel further for more competitions in the future: “There is a whole world out there waiting for us,” she said.