Swyft Offers Italian Grace With Natural and Healthy Ingredients 

Lucy Bui

During a freezing day in town, it is easy to opt to choose the closest place to Kent School for lunch–Swyft. A perfect pick for any day, not only those blustery winter ones to come, the restaurant warm and welcoming, furnished with wooden materials and a big fireplace, which create a traditional and cozy vibe. 

After sitting down at the table, prepare to be greeted with a big smile from a waitress or waiter, who is sure to engage your attention with vivid descriptions of popular dishes and drinks. Don’t despair if there is a long wait; right from the moment the food is served, you’ll know it was worth it. 

Although the menu includes countless delicious options, one of the favorites is the warm-to-the-touch Randy Savage wood-fired pizza. It is composed of smoked Italian sausage, milky mozzarella, fresh tomato sauce, aromatic onion, and was seasoned with oregano. Its crust is thick and crispy enough to eat along with the rest of the pie without feeling too stuffed. 

If you’d like some veggies as well, the grain salad and seasonal vegetables with herby and tangy za’atar dressing is a perfect companion to the pizza. Finishing it off, the Rosey Rory mocktail offers a bitter, yet refreshing, aftertaste that pairs well with the savory salad and pizza.

Opening in Kent in 2017, Swyft has received much support and attention from customers not only from Kent, but also the rest of in Northwestern Connecticut and New York because of its authentic Italian cuisine. Their food follows the Italian philosophy, meaning that they work with seasonal, organic and the freshest ingredients possible. As Joel Viehland, the head chef and owner, states, “We try to have fewest components as possible and let the food speak for itself.”

Most importantly, what makes Swyft different from other pizza restaurants is their dough. Instead of commercial yeast, a natural starter with natural yeast is used daily to make pizza and bread that are lower in gluten level and easier to digest. Besides their wood-fired pizza, other dishes like sandwiches, soup, wood-fired chicken, and ice cream are certainly worth a try as well.