OP-ED: Senior Exams

Ari Rosen, Campus Reporter

For as long as time, students have always dreaded final exams. In recent years, however, some, including members of the Senior Council, have started to question whether senior spring exams are necessary or not.

I believe that seniors should not take spring term exams because they do nothing to help you get into or prepare for college. Ms. Yammin, the Head of Studies at Kent, states that spring exams “bring closure to a year-long or term course,” and I do agree with this. However, I also think that this closure is not necessary. Students who continue to work hard throughout the year should not be pressured to perform on an exam when they have already been accepted into a college.

Yusef Abaza ’19 believes that spring xxams should exist, but they should be more flexible. Abazza explains, “I think that we should still have an exam flexible schedule that would allow seniors to graduate on Memorial Day. Seniors should take mandatory exams in two or three days and leave school early.”

Abaza believes that this schedule will “allow seniors to graduate on Memorial Weekend so more parents can come and celebrate graduation. It would also allow Juniors to exercise leadership” during the exam week that follows for the rest of the students at Kent.

Ms. Yammin also believes that Spring Exams are important. She reckons that these exams “pull everything together that you’ve done for that particular term or year.” One thing that resonates with me is Ms. Yammin saying that “the exam can be anything the teacher thinks is appropriate for the class.”

Though the SC’s proposal moves a step closer towards where I want it to be, overall, I think the time we spend studying and taking the Spring Exams could be put towards something more beneficial for students in the long run.