Art Students Work on Display

Polina Frenkel, Campus News Reporter

Last week, the Art Department presented three art exhibits to celebrate the work done by students in the fall term.

The first show, “Dream of Fashion: Design your Dream,” located in The Walkway Gallery, contains the largest number of works performed by students from Intro to Fashion and AS Fashion Designs classes. There are a lot of beautiful fashion illustrations of the garments that the students have completed. While the students from Intro to Design class have been encouraged to look for inspiration from multiple artists instead of replicating the work of a particular artist, the AS Fashion Designs class students follow their favorite designer, and they already have created a vision for their whole collection. “There will be a fashion show this spring. The students will be modeling some garments, their friends will be modeling, and maybe even parents will take part!” says Ms. Lynch. 

 The second exhibit, “Advanced Studies in Studio Art,” is located in The Field Gallery, which is a newly created gallery space. This small space has been previously used for the Art History class but has been converted to the gallery due to a break from this course. The Field Gallery only contains the highest levels of works of the advanced class students. The art pieces range from modern 3-D creations to paintings and drawings. Every couple of months this room will represent the highest level works completed by the students. 

The third exhibit, “Autumn Selections,” located throughout the hallways in the Field Art Studio, contains works of students from after school activity and mixed art classes. The varying pieces of art are organized in groups, which creates a powerful effect on the spectator. 

These exhibits will be kept until after the Thanksgiving break, and then Ms. Lynch already has a new idea for The Walkway Gallery. “For the New Year, I have an idea of the utopian architecture. This would include floor objects and loose drawings, and the architecture would cover the whole wall.” Ms Lynch says. In addition, Mr. Scofield’s ceramics class plans every student to make a waving, glazed slab which will be put together on the wall creating an ocean wave. “It is important for me to observe what people are working on and put their works together in a creative way,” Ms. Lynch shares.