Spring Music Performances


Arthur Wang, Campus News Reporter

This year’s Spring Concert was held on April 27, 2023. As was the case last year, the Spring Concert brought the audience extraordinary performances from the Concert Band, Flute Ensemble, Bassoon Trio, Orchestra Band, and Jazz Band. 

The Concert Band kicked things off with three new pieces, and the following groups performed a total of twelve pieces of music.  “All the groups did a really good job and worked really hard on those very challenging pieces,” said Dr. Bouldin, the Director of Concert Band and Orchestra and Co-Director of the Jazz Band. Since last term, these groups have been practicing a lot for this event. “There are many activities, obligations, and work for those students to do. It was hard for them to have full-time rehearsals per week, yet they still overcame those difficulties,” said Dr. Bouldin.“There was a tremendous improvement in the quality and the difficulty level of the music compared to their first performance during October.” 

Another important element of the Spring Concert is to celebrate the contributions of graduating Sixth-Formers and to transfer leadership to Fifth-Formers. The Tri-M award ceremony was held in the middle of the concert as part of this recognition and transition. “Tri-M is the only national honors music society, and to be inducted at Kent it requires students to be committed members of the music department; it is an honored honored role at Kent,” said Ms. Pendal, the Director of the Music Program. 

On May 7th there was also the first Spring Choral Concert in three years. Similar to the band and orchestra, the choir members have been practicing since last term, and they performed several pieces that won great applause from the audience. There were also five new Tri-M members from the choir, and a handover ceremony of the new president and vice president was held during the middle of the concert.