Chamber Concert Showcases Student Talent and Effort

Linsey Cho, Campus Reporter

The Chamber Recital, held in the Recital Hall on May 6th, was an incredible success. Everyone’s willingness to participate made it a special night. Each musician’s hard work and dedication – in spite of their academics and busy schedules – paid off. 

Over the course of the show, eleven musicians, along with the developing string ensemble and the bassoon trio, performed in front of a small audience of friends, family, and faculty. This group of talented musicians included students from the third through the sixth forms. For some students, the recital was their first time performing on a new instrument.

Each year at Kent, typically at the end of a term, there is always the recital which takes place in the evenings. It usually takes place with a small group of students who had been taking private lessons and demonstrated an interest in performing a piece of their preference. There is a diversity of music being performed. As one of the audience who attended the recital this year, there was a balance between individual performances and small ensembles which made the whole recital more special and memorable. 

It started off with the Developing String Ensemble performing three major pieces called the “Bohemian Folk Song,” “C Major Trio,” and “Winter has Come” a German folk song. The recital closed with Robert Yu ‘23 on the piano who performed “Scherzo No. 1” by Chopin. Yubin Hyung ‘24, Finnoula Collins ‘23, Anshula Kumar ‘22, all sang with ardor and passion, leaving the audience in awe. 

It is truly a pleasure to see students share their talents and passions with the Kent community. Sometimes, all we need after a busy day is some music that we can relax to.