A screening of “Playing Through” is the first PALS event of the year


Veronia Jiang, Campus Reporter

On Friday, September 30, we held a PALS (Performing Arts and Lecture Series) event on campus, which, thanks to Covid, had not happened in a long time. This event was a screening of Playing Through, a film directed by Curtis Jordan, Kent class of 1970.

Mr. Jordan, introduced by the Head of School at the beginning of the event, is a licensed pilot and a rowing coach who won national championships. “He is an example of a person who prepares to contribute to the world beyond Kent,” said Mr. Hirschfeld.

Playing Through is based on a true story that describes the inspirational story of Ann Gregory, a pioneering Black female golf athlete. The movie focuses on one game between Ann and Babs Whatling, two top female golf players in the 1950s. It also depicts the harsh environment at that time for a Black female golf player. 

After the movie, there were many questions raised by students for Mr. Jordan. Asked what inspired him to make a film Mr. Jordan explained that he found this story in 1991 and thought the life of Ann was remarkable: “Ann’s personality and characteristics, and her quiet way to get stuff done, stuck in my head.” Moreover, Mr. Jordan’s mom is also an amazing athlete, which thus made up Mr. Jordan’s mind to film the movie. 

When speaking of the actors, Mr. Jordan said that the two main actresses were found through Instagram. “We need real golfers and actresses, which would keep the movie genuine. Luckily, our two leading actresses helped the success of the film.” Then Mr. Jordan told us that we were his youngest spectator group and he really enjoyed seeing our responses to the movie. “It is rewarding to hear the audience’s applause and laugh,” he smiled. 

Finally, Mr. Jordan was asked if he had an opportunity to have a meeting with Ann, what would he say. After contemplating for a while, Mr. Jordan stated, “I hope we did something to represent who she actually is.”