An introduction to Elective Courses at Kent


A sampling of elective courses offered by just one of the academic departments at Kent

Arthur Wang, Campus News Reporter

Most student’s academic courses at Kent are composed of mainly three types: major courses like math, history, English, foreign languages, and science; electives that fulfill graduation requirements like certain music and art classes; and electives that are not required in any form throughout the time at Kent. Despite not fulfilling any requirements, this last category of electives is still important to students’ academic experience at Kent.

Elective courses are offered in multiple fields including history, math, science, religion, language,  performing arts and artists, and a newly added field of wellness. Typically an elective is required to have at least 5 or more students to proceed, though this standard may vary depending on other elective courses.

According to Dr. Kevin MacNeil, the Academic Dean, these courses, whether required for graduation or not, hold the same rigorous standards as the major courses, and students are expected to put the same amount of effort into the electives. The purpose of offering such a variety of electives is that students are able to choose their interested subject to fulfill their minimum course requirement of 5 courses per term. Also, for those students who wish to go to a certain field in the future, these electives give them a preview of their future academic life and offer precious experiences.