Teacher Profile: Mr. Hunt


Chistina Zhang, Campus Reporter

Mr. Hunt, a longtime faculty member of Kent School, teaches Honors English 2 and English 4. He coaches Girls Varsity Squash in the winter and will serve as an assistant coach for Girls Varsity Tennis. 

Outside of school, Mr. Hunt partakes in many hobbies, especially those that involve being outdoors. From gardening to chopping wood to building stone walls, he has an assortment of activities to keep busy. Mr. Hunt is also an avid fan of Korean Movies as well as reading when school is not in session. Writing “old school letters” is also a hobby of Mr. Hunt’s. When he is not working, he loves to go on hikes and hang out with his wife, daughter and grandchildren. 

Mr. Hunt, having taught at Kent School for many years, reflected on his coronavirus year. He realized that he was “not as technically challenged as [he] thought [he] was.” The infamous swivel had a few glitches in the beginning of the year, but Mr. Hunt triumphed over them. Prior to the start of the school year he dreaded the thought of having to use different technical programs, however, it allowed Mr. Hunt to think outside the box. Using new and innovative tools like flipgrid and edpuzzle allowed Mr. Hunt to be more creative. He assigned more creative work and personal writing “partly because with the remote students” it was hard to give assessments. 

With the pandemic affecting many people’s mental health, Mr. Hunt focused on the “whole child.” He was aware that “[he] wasn’t just teaching a student English” and that “the pandemic made [him] reconsider [his] priorities.” He agreed that there was less rigor and more leniency towards assignments and due dates. Mr. Hunt believes his job as an educator is to support the kids in every way possible.

Alden Lineberger, a current student in Mr. Hunt’s English 4 class, says that he “is very kind and understanding of a student’s circumstance. He always gives positive reinforcement as well as constructive criticism.” A favorite memory from class was when Mr. Hunt wore a scary mask and waited “outside in the window” which made all the students laugh. To quote Alden “everyone loves Mr. Hunt.”