New Teacher Profile: Ms. Nuffer


Erin Shannon, Campus News Reporter

Ms. Nuffer grew up in Northern New York in a small town, which she jokes has “more cows there than people.” She believes that growing up in this supportive town with such diligent people shaped her to be the person she is today. Ms. Nuffer chose the Kent route because she wanted a chance to live in a close-knit community that resembled her hometown and be able to connect with her students. Kent students and faculty always try to help and support one another to be the best the can be, and this same supportiveness and generosity is exactly what she was looking for.

Ms. Nuffer is a new math teacher this year and would describe her teaching style as communicative. She loves engaging in back and forth with the students and being kept on her toes.  Her favorite part about teaching is witnessing that moment when a lightbulb goes off in a student’s head and the student finally understands a concept.  

Her ultimate goal is to enable her students to be lifelong learners, who will pursue new knowledge and interests. She hopes to “invoke curiosity in [her] students and have them not just to go through the problems and get through it, but to really think outside the box.”  She always asks herself, “How can I take this further?” when thinking of the best way to teach her students.

Even before she was certain about becoming a teacher, Ms. Nuffer knew she wanted to work in a social profession. Her desire to help others and her love for learning ultimately led to her decision to become a teacher.

As the girls varsity basketball coach this year, Ms. Nuffer wants to focus on improving from one game

to the next. Hustle is very important to her. At the end of the game, no matter the score, she believes the players should be able to think that they just worked the hardest they could. If the team can maintain that mentality and focus all season, then Ms. Nuffer would call it a success.

Ms. Nuffer is an outgoing and caring teacher and an overall great addition to the Kent School faculty. We are very lucky to have her.