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The Snack Bar: Start Your Day with some Chicken Nuggets and a Smile

Lucy Zhang, Campus News Reporter

February 9, 2017

Open to suggestions and constantly seeking improvements, the snack bar is a place that strives to serve Kent students well. Starting this year, the snack bar now opens at 7:30AM Monday through Friday, providing breakfast and refresh...

Student Reporting from the NYC Women’s March

Gia Orsino, Campus News Reporter

January 21, 2017

On Saturday January 21, over 300,000 people gathered in the streets of New York to share a dream of equality and acceptance. Marches took place around the country as a way to peacefully spread the message that women, LGBTQ+ peop...

Club Profile: Improv

Johnny Choi, Campus News Reporter

November 20, 2016

Improv Club was founded just last year by Ms. Denise Howard of Admissions. Ms Howard is an accomplished actress; she majored in Theatre and Music, and performed at various venues in both her hometown of Portland, Oregon and the are...

Class Profile: Engineering Design with Mr. Harris

Adrian Lo, Campus News Reporter

November 20, 2016

Engineering Design is a term-contained course taught by Mr. Harris. Though students may associate engineering with strict rules, Mr. Harris is refreshingly open about the learning process.  When asked what he wants students to...

Class Profile: Classical Civilization

Ella Agger-Pilon, Campus News Reporter

November 20, 2016

Classical Civilization is a course in which students are challenged to think beyond their own realities. To some, the course is an alternative to Modern European history. To others, it is a second history class they took on. ...

Club Profile: chess battles (and pizza!) every Friday

Christopher Duan, Campus News Reporter

November 20, 2016

Chess is a game with origins hundreds of years old, but the tradition is still alive and well here at the Kent School. Chess Club meets every Friday evening at 6:30pm. At Chess Club, students typically play chess while enjoying pizza...

Club Profile: Entrepreneurship

Jessica Diecidue, Campus News Reporter

November 10, 2016

The entrepreneurship club was founded by sixth formers Katherine Liu (who serves as president) and Leon Du (who is co-president, along with fellow sixth former Kevin He). Fifth formers Gabrielle Cator and Peter Fahey are being...

Club Profile: Go play Go!

Alex Choi, Campus News Reporter

November 10, 2016

Go is a relatively simple game at face value. The purpose of the game is to possess more territory than one’s opponents. Territory is gained by boxing one’s opponent's’ pieces and surrounding the pieces in all four directio...

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