Students Rally Against Anti-Muslim Hate Group

Baljaa Borgil

On Saturday, April 6, 2019, Kent School students marched on the streets of Kent to protest against a speaker from Act for America, an anti-Muslim hate group.

Republicans from the 30th Senate District invited the speaker to come at the Community House to increase voter registration. In response and in short notice, a march was organized to show disapproval for the event.

After the Social Justice club spread the news of the march, a group of Kent School students joined the protest at Golden Falcon area. Once classes ended, the students marched with the crowd along Main street. Signs read “Hate has no home here” and “Build a wall around hate.” Group chants like, “This is what democracy looks like” filled the air. Women were also invited to wear headscarves to show solidarity with Islamic people.

Bridget Placek ’21 reflects, “It was super great to see older generations showing that they have liberal views. The march showed me how strong the community of the town of Kent really is.”

“Having family members part of the Muslim community, joining the march felt like a personal responsibility,” reflects Aay-Janae Taylor ’21. “Seeing the discrimination they had to experience firsthand, it would have been a disservice to them if I didn’t show up and show out.”

The march ended on the lawn of St. Andrew’s Church on Main Street. State Representative Maria Horn made an appearance and said, “We are going to stand up for [our Islamic neighbors] every time it matters… and we’re going to continue to pay attention and be active so people can show their colors.”

Kent School student Yimo Chong ’20 also had some words to share with the protestors. “Coming from China and being transgender, I just wanted to say that I felt the tremendous love and support from everyone here in town and I’ve never felt happier.”