Student Profile: Kevin Hobbs ’20


Erin Shannon, Editor

Kevin Hobbs ’20 might be more familiar with Kent than your average student. Since his parents Mr. and Mrs. Hobbs are both teachers at Kent, he knows the campus and the people especially well.

Following in his mother (the head of the Music Department)’s footsteps, Hobbs is actively pursuing his passion for music. He is interested in the music business and production, and he hopes to one day enter into those fields professionally.

Furthering his involvement in the arts, Kevin is active within the Theatre Program. He has performed in the one-acts, the upperform play, two spring musicals, and has completed several terms of after-school music.

Hobbs is a 5th former whose favorite classes include math, chemistry, music tech, and AP Music Theory. He describes his experience at Kent as a “rollercoaster.” Specifically, one that has lower points that have “dipped pretty far,” but also “numerous high points.” He explains that “I wouldn’t trade my experience here for anything.”

Hobbs is also a person of numerous diverse interests. He describes himself as “an avid practitioner of voodoo. It might seem weird, but it’s mostly about luck, fate, and love.”

People who know Hobbs characterize him as a good listener and kind friend, one who always can make you laugh and smile. He is an excellent example of a well-rounded Kent student who maintains good grades, positive friendships and pursues his passion for music.

When asked about his favorite memory at Kent, Kevin reflects that “actually my favorite memory at Kent happened just yesterday when I was practicing for the guitar concert with Kate. We were both kind of messes when we started, but just through practicing our parts, and almost constantly making each other laugh, the whole attitude just kind of flipped. It was so perfect and wholesome.”