Kent Eats

Erin Shannon, Editor

Despite the many delicious restaurants and eateries in Kent, many students can still find themselves missing their favorite fast food options. Kent Eats, a new business run by Brady McGowan ’20, provides a solution to issue.

Kent Eats is a new food delivery service that gives Kent students the option to order food from several major fast food chains, including Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Panera Bread, Five Guys, to name a few. Deliveries are scheduled for both the mornings, as students can have food and coffee delivered before classes and in the afternoons at specified times.

Customers receive notifications from Kent Eats, either via text or Snapchat, to let them know when to place their orders, and fill in a google form with their specific orders. There is a delivery fee is 50% for any order under ten dollars or a flat fee of six dollars for anything over ten dollars.

While students think that the price is a little too steep, others believe that having a chance to eat their favorite fast food makes it well worth the cost. Additionally, many students order together to make the most of their delivery fee.

All in all, Kent Eats is a great example of entrepreneurial spirit at Kent: students are developing exciting new businesses supported by other students on campus. In this particular case, McGowan, a day student, says he was inspired to start his business after getting frequent requests from his friends to bring food and coffee to campus.

When describing what makes his business unique, McGowan says, “I think it allows people to feel as if they are off campus. Since most of them go to these [fast food] places when they are at home, it allows them to feel like they’re back home. Also, since Kent doesn’t offer the most vegan-friendly food, it allows the people who are to get a meal from places like Panera, which offer vegan and vegetarian food.”

McGowan hopes to continue to expand his business and “by the end of the school year,” to “get at least one order from every Kent student.”