How to Date a Lion

Jessica Hobbs

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As the holidays and the Sadie Hawkins dance draw closer, people become anxious about finding romance. Though Kent School is far from the normal high school experience when it comes to romantic affairs, love can still be in the air for many a Kent student. For those unsure of how to approach and impress your Kent School crush, heed the advice that follows.

Step One: Appearance

Forget what your mom said; looks matter. If you want to draw admirers from all across the campus, always be in dress code. Nothing says boyfriend material like a responsible pair of socks and a smart belt. For girls, I recommend taking a shower and wearing real pants. In the winter months, this will be more difficult, but frozen hair is worth it if you are in the market for true love. When you can’t wear dress code, wear as much Kent apparel as possible. School spirit attracts. If you are over 18, perhaps a “Haze on Algo’s Height” tattoo will draw in that special someone. Once you are able to show pride for your school and yourself, approaching anyone will be a lot easier.

Step Two: Conversation

Approaching a potential date depends a lot on who the person is. For example, if you are in the market for a varsity crew stud, talk about rowing. You will fit right in and peak their primary interest. If you are unsure of their interests, bring up something common to everyone at Kent. You could ask how many absences they have or ask them whether they like having Saturday classes. These are very interesting topics of conversation that will surely grab their attention.

Step Three: Going on a Date

Dating at Kent provides so many options for truly romantic experiences. Between the hours of 3:00 and 5, if you do not have an afterschool activity (Note: Everyone has an afterschool activity), you could go into town. Great date ideas include, J.P. Giffords, or Kent Coffee, or J.P.Giffords and Kent Coffee. Or, if you really want to switch things up, throw a curveball and take your love to Shanghai or Panini. This will definitely bring out your wild side. Many people say they look for spontaneity in a partner.

In the winter, many people do not like leaving campus because it is cold and dark. A lot. There are still a plethora of delightful options. You could hang out in the Student Center and maybe get food, if it is open. This will bring an air of suspense and mystery to your date. “Will we get food?” they will be thinking as you walk through the double doors and under the glow of the florescent lights and mailboxes. Whether or not you get food, you can still spend time together. You, your date, and whoever else feels like showing up, can spend an awkward evening together. You will probably be watching a football game, even if you don’t like football. Nothing says romance like a shared couch and some loud sports fans on a Monday night.

Another favorite spot for dates on campus is the library. You will probably have a lot of homework, all the time. Spending two or three hours stressing out next to each other brings any couple closer.

High school relationships are hard, and they’re hard for everyone. Remember one thing – keep your relationship in perspective. Even if everything doesn’t go your way, then it wasn’t meant to be. Just wait, there’s a lion waiting for you.


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