Varsity Boys Baseball Team Shows Promise for an Season of Improvement


Aaron Liu, Campus News Reporter

Ambitious, courageous, and resilient – these are the words that define Kent’s Varsity Boys Baseball team in the 2023 season. The team doesn’t always excel in terms of wins, but their spirit is through the roof every time they step up on that baseball field. With some solid senior leadership and hard work, Kent’s team is looking to improve into a powerhouse that can certainly leave its mark in the future.

With an ambition to become better, the team has been actively improving their skills and performance every day through their practices. They have been playing a rigorous schedule, with 14 games in the month of April alone, where they experience some setbacks to reflect on and improve from. Scrimmages have also been a crucial part of their training, offering valuable practices that simulate game situations. Mr. Bennett, the head coach of the program, believes that “by continually exposing themselves to the game, the team can polish their skills and perform at their best.”

One of the team’s strongest assets is the senior leadership. With captains Eli Robbins and Lachlan Sutton guiding the team’s spirits, the players have never given up on a game, even when facing a stronger opponent. “Our hard work, dedication, and never-quit attitude will be the deciding factors that set us apart,” said Coach Bennett.

When asked about their goals for the season, Coach Bennett expressed the desire to play for the Founders League Championship. However, he is much happier seeing players grow in terms of their skills and confidence. Regardless, the team is confident that with our talented players and the addition of some strong postgraduates, they have the potential to shine in the tournament.

Although the team is improving its performance, one issue they face is the lack of participation from students who don’t know how to play baseball. “We don’t have a Junior Varsity team, but we would love to have one. It’s just that we need more people,” said Mr. Bennett. With more people signing up, however, Mr. Bennett envisions having a strong, prospective player pool to sustain the program’s future success.

As the season for Kent’s Varsity Boys Baseball team wraps up, their dedication, hard work, and determination will determine their success. With improving players and exemplary senior leadership the team is poised to make an impact – if not now, then in the coming years. Let’s wish the players good luck as they finish some of their last games of the season!