The Evolution of Leadership at Kent

Arthur Wang, Campus News Reporter

The leadership applications for the 2023-2024 school year are about to begin. Next year, these positions will have slight changes.

First, the role of the Kent Peer Outreach Prefects (KPOP) leaders will undergo significant changes. These are a group of undergraduate students who used to help the new students at the beginning of each school year. Every new student will get a KPOP group led by a returning student so that new students can get familiar with various aspects of the school life. In the past, the KPOP program mainly focused on the start of the school year. Next year it is going to be a year-long program in which the leaders will be responsible for their new students for the whole school year. The thought is that each corner, or region, of every dorm, is going to have a KPOP leader and they will be in charge of the new students living in that corner. There will be around 30-35 positions in total. According to Mrs. Clarke, Director of Residential Life, the reason for such changes is that “since Kent school is a relatively big community, we are trying to make the dorms smaller.” 

Other leadership positions like Community Life Stewards are also changing. Starting next year, the Community Life Stewards are going to have more chances to be educated and trained to prepare for the Community Life curriculum. Mr. Coulombe also that the Senior Council “has done a great job redefining what the role of Student Life Steward should be and could be,” and says that it “will be a fluid job that will keep evolving in the future.” 

Our Senior Council and all the other students who participate in leadership programs contribute much to the Kent School community. The newly-established Kent Leadership Institute that will be working closely with the returning students next year in various forms to help them become leaders. “Our leaders have done a really amazing job this year, and we just want to support them in really intentional ways,” says Mr. Coulombe.