What to look forward to in spring term!

Holly Wei, Writer

Spring has sprung, and in honor of the warm weather, here are some exciting activities and events to look forward to this term!

The creek & club fields: Club Fields is the perfect place to go after school or on a Sunday with friends. You can tan, swim, or even just do some homework and enjoy the warm weather. You can even bring a spike ball net or a volleyball and play some leisurely sports. 

Hiking: Beware of the bears, but if you have a few hours to spare, take a hike up to Numeral Rock! You can see the faded-out paints of previous graduated classes, and also just enjoy some sunshine, exercise, and the scenic views from above. You can also sign up to hike to Kent Falls as a Blue Key weekend activity to enjoy the beautiful nature of Kent. 

For fifth formers: Ring Day is coming up on May 2nd, and now is the perfect time to propose to your ring mom! The ring ceremony is an exciting tradition for our juniors, where graduating seniors present to them their class rings in a candle-lit ceremony in St. Joseph’s Chapel. It is definitely a community-bonding event to look forward to, as is Rock Day, which is also coming up at the end of May. 

Sports: There are many spring sports that have games Saturdays and Wendesdays, so make sure to check out what games are happening and go support the Lions! Rowing, lacrosse, tennis… Attending these games is a great way to show school spirit, witness great plays by our athletes, and spend some time in the sun. 

Prom: perhaps the most memorable and exciting event for sixth formers is just around the corner! Get ready for a night of dressing up, dancing, and socializing with old and new friends. Be sure to send in your votes for Senior Superlatives — they’re so much more entertaining than Prize Day.

Lastly, graduation. Although it is definitely a bittersweet moment to say goodbye to our seniors, it is an exciting milestone event for them and their families as they move onto a new chapter of their lives. Let us thank and support our seniors as they move forward in their future endeavors.