Boys Varsity Tennis Looks Strong This Year


Aaron Liu, Campus Reporter

This spring term is looking especially good for the Varsity Boys Tennis team. With Mr. Hunt returning as Head Coach, addition of new players, and a strong spirit, the team aims to maintain their positive form to the end of the season.

Varsity Boys Tennis usually start their season facing some of the strongest opponents from the Founders League such as Taft, Brunswick, and Avon. Excitingly, the team managed to win against Brunswick and Kingswood Oxford for the first time in 12 years. “I think our opponent became weaker this year because some of their best players left last year,” said Mr. Hunt, “but we as a team have also improved, mentally and ability-wise.” Indeed, the team replenished itself with a batch of younger players to cover the departure of seniors from last year, and they look talented. “Beckett and Aryan, both sophomores, are great additions to the team. I think we look stronger than last year,” said Mr. Hunt.

Tennis, like any other game, is a competition of ability and endurance. Players usually play in a “best of three-sets” format where they battle the opponents for points through smaller games; the first player winning six games in a set wins the set. These games usually last for two hours and even more if the opponents are closely fought. The strength of the Varsity Boys Tennis is not just talent, but also their will to win and their courage to continue playing despite facing stronger opponents. “Tennis is about talent, of course, but more importantly you have to win important points, and, when you don’t, have the mentality to bounce back,” said Mr. Hunt. 

Andy Chen, the #1 player and captain on the team, talked about the prospect of the team if they unleash their potential: “We are much better than last year, and I hope we can achieve a positive record from now on as we have played the toughest teams. I want to win the remaining games, and I personally want to get elected to the All-States game if possible.”

Although winning is important, the growth and development of the team is much more vital for this young tennis team. Even compared to last year, improvements are already evident for the younger players. “I think after training and playing with the seniors from Varsity last year, the younger players learned a lot and looked a lot better when they stepped up,” said Andy. “I hope they can continue to improve and have fun during their high school tennis years!”