Boys Varsity Crew in High Spirits


Aaron Liu, Campus Reporter

A swift  2-1 win against Andover was just one indication of  another season of hard work and glory for the Boy Crew team. With the addition of some new blood, the team is hungry for success, wins, and most importantly, the championship.

In the spring, the rowing team mostly participates in sprint races, a short 1500m race which focuses on maximum speed. The team will participate in some dual races against some other strong rowing schools and some six-seat races as well. On a match day, the team is completely on its own without the coach: they have to decide for themselves how to warm up, what strategies to employ, and how to catch up if they are behind. “Rowers are completely independent, and all I have to do is to train them into their best form,” said Mr. Houston.

This year, the Boys Crew have a large roster of four eight-seat boats and some alternates. With training, the team is becoming faster and faster, most evidently seen the lower boats. “We have a good depth,” said Mr. Houston, “ and I am very happy to see the boys finding their gear.” 

The tradition of this team’s culture is extensive at Kent with this year being its 101th year. The reputation of Kent rowing is so widespread in the rowing world that each year the team will have recruits, not only from the U.S., but also across the globe.

Perhaps because of this, team spirit is very high this year. As Captain Jacques van der Merwe says, “The bond of teammates is what makes us unique and special.”  This spirit is especially important in a sprint race where teams have to be calm yet urgent at the same time. “A sprint race is short, only about 4 minutes, so there isn’t a lot of room for mistakes, and the team have to trust each other,” said Mr. Houston.

As always, the team’s aspiration for this season is to be the champion. The team wants to polish themselves as fast as they possibly can before the championship, and beat everyone, whether they are from other parts of New England or around the world. “Our goal is to row our best race. Other teams will not affect us, so as long as we beat our limit, we will embrace success,” said Mr. Houston.