Meet Lyman Whitehead, Head Trainer of KSET


Holly Wei

Lyman Whitehead is the new head trainer of the Kent School Equestrian Team at the Michael O. Page Equestrian Center, located about five miles from campus, by the Marvelwood School. Mr. Whitehead has been riding since he was ten years old and comes with much experience. Prior to working at Kent, he was a professional rider for 40 years and operated his own show barn. Here, he helps with consulting with other staff in order to come up with the best program for each individual rider, matching riders with suitable horses, and networking with professionals to help students who would like to buy or sell a horse.

When asked what is different about Kent, Lyman talked about how Kent is not a show barn. “The focus is more on day-to-day riding and stable management,” he said. Lyman has always been a strong advocate for good horsemanship and hopes to have students become more “hands-on” with horses as they develop their own skills as riders. His favorite thing about the Kent School Equestrian Team is how much of a team atmosphere there is, and how everyone is working together to be the best horseman/horsewoman they can be. His main focus as head trainer is to build up each student’s horsemanship and riding skills.  Lyman gives a lot of credit to Cara Wheeler, Rebecca Guerrera, Kara Ferrerira, and Soleil Scinto for making sure the barn runs smoothly. 

Lyman’s favorite thing about being in the equestrian industry is very simple: the horses. “Since a young age, I always knew I would be a rider and trainer and would be involved with horses. I feel very fortunate to have had a lifelong passion for horses.” He hopes everyone knows that the Kent School Equestrian Team is a very welcoming and inclusive environment. “Everyone who wants to be a part of the program is welcome, as long as they have a strong work ethic, and are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty,” he says “No matter what level rider you are, most likely we have a spot for you.” He wishes to accomplish getting more people involved with the barn and discover the wonder of working with horses, and encourages anyone who is interested to drive up Skiff Mountain Rd and check out the stables.