Team Profile: JV Volleyball


Veronica Jiang, Campus Reporter

JV Volleyball started well this season by winning four games in a row, including against Berkshire and Millbrook. Next week, we will have another game against Berkshire, which hopefully will end up with another win. The goal for the JV volleyball team this season is to continue working together, learning, and improving. 

Besides regular practices that focus on basic volleyball skills, Ms. Ceane and Mrs. Benjamin also teach new strategies and skills in preparation for tryouts for Varsity Volleyball next year. In the rest of the season, the coaches will begin to use each team member in different positions and practice the flexibility of the team. They are considering adding a libero to improve the defense as well. Meanwhile, the coaches make sure the girls don’t get injured and stay healthy. “We are able to work hard and also have fun.”

This Tuesday, Kent had a home game against Rumsey Hall School. The JV Volleyball team performed their best in this close game and finally won by 3-2. 

Although Rumsey won the first two rounds, our team never gave up hope for victory. Led by the captains Tatyana Moore and Sophie Kroeger, Kent worked really well together in this stressful game. In the third round, the score was 12-16, and thanks to Dymond Johnson’s good serve, Kent ended up winning 25-21. In the half of the last round, there was a tie of 10-10, and Ms. Ceane, the coach, called time out at that time. After cheering and finding the focus of the team, Kent beat Rumsey by 15-11. “I am proud of the whole team that they came behind but won this important game,” said Ms. Ceane after the game. “Just forget the bad points and move on. When we have challenging games, we have been able to pull it together and win them,” said assistant coach Mrs. Benjamin.

Lastly, Mrs. Benjamin shared that she enjoys being an assistant coach. Since this is her first year coaching volleyball, she has the opportunity to get to know more students because we have different formers on the team. Meanwhile,  she raised a small worry that when the friends of the team members are watching, they usually get nervous and distracted. “Just make sure to maintain focus. Remember to breathe. Volleyball games require mental stamina and we will continue supporting each other,” Mrs. Benjamin stated.