Teacher Profile: UPenn Fellow Ms. Higgins


Arthur Wang, Writer

A student of Classics and English at Williams University, Ms. Higgins is now one of two Fellows in the English Department at Kent, teaching two sections of English 3 while pursuing graduate education at the University of Pennsylvania. 

When Ms. Higgins was a high school student at Groton, she cherished forming connections with the people within a community, and she cites this as the source of her impetus to teach at Kent. She has enjoyed the past month of teaching, describing it as “ really fun and exciting, even though [she] felt [she] knew the boarding school experience.” 

Ms. Higgins also has a range of hobbies. She loves running; after only one month, she has run through numerous trails near Kent, with the River Road Trail being her favorite. Furthermore, she listens to various kinds of music, including country, rock and folk. Bob Dylan, John Prine, Fleetwood Mac and Johnny Cash are among her favorite artists. When she was in college, she even composed and performed a few of her own songs. Aside from exercising and music, Ms. Higgins is drawn to reading literature, such as Beautiful World, Where Are You? by Sally Rooney and Happy-Go-Lucky by David Sedaris. 

As a teacher, Ms. Higgins focuses on discussions of the book The Underground Railroad with the students in her English 3 classes. She really values students’ class participation, the curiosity they demonstrate, and their willingness to challenge themselves. She also says that she finds seeing improvement in students’ writing skills satisfying.

 After the academic day, Ms. Higgins is helping out with the fall rowing program; she will assist with JV ice hockey in the winter and coach crew in the spring and  looks forward to contributing more to the Kent Community in the future.