Football falls to Avon Old Farms despite late-game rally

Ben Graham, Campus Reporter

On Saturday, September 24th, fans of both Kent School and Old Avon Farms gathered to cheer on their respective teams in our second varsity football game of the season.  Despite our players’ overflowing energy and incredible defense (especially toward the last half of the game), a resilient rally from Kent was not quite enough to stop Avon from proving themselves as one of the best teams we’ll face this season.  

From the start of the game, Avon’s bigger, stronger, and faster team showed their domineering nature, highlighting the “strong competition within the league,” said Head Coach Mr. Wayne Clarke. Avon seemed unstoppable at the start of the game, as they scored three touchdowns in the first quarter and two in the second. Down 0-40 at the beginning of the fourth quarter, a second wind from Kent’s team began an exciting upturn in the game’s final moments.  James Anderson ’23 scored a touchdown at the very start of the fourth quarter, Jack Petersen ’23 played tough defense and caught a 40-yard pass, and Jaion Williams ’24 scored an additional touchdown (with a successful extra point kick) during the final moments of the match. Though it wasn’t enough to win, the turnaround was inspirational for players and fans alike.

Reminding the football team, as well as fans of Kent, not to be discouraged, Coach Clarke shared that it was his job to emphasize the effort of the team, rather than wins and losses.  “Our guys did an exemplary job.  They held fast and worked hard for the entire game,” he said. He also pointed out that with an increase in numbers and enthusiasm, Kent’s football program will achieve things that “last year, we just didn’t have the capacity for.”  Coach Clarke reiterated that he looked forward to his second year as head coach of Kent football; “There’s a lot of room for growth and a long season ahead.  I’m optimistic.”