Teacher Profile: Mrs. Colleen Campbell


Emily Yuan, Co-Editor-in-Chief

After teaching at Kent from 2008-2012, Mrs. Campbell moved to Washington D.C., then New York City. During COVID-19, Mrs. Campbell reevaluated what she believed was important in life and decided to return to a boarding school environment in which she will raise her family. “Coming back to Kent feels like going back home,” she shares. 

Although technology and the Kent schedule have changed since she last taught here, Mrs. Campbell thinks students’ curiosity, eagerness to learn, and passion about the subject remain. Furthermore, the Kent curriculum holds the same intellectual rigor. While life at Kent – which requires balance in order to perform well in the classroom, in the fields, and in the dorms, is challenging, Mrs. Campbell describes teaching at Kent as being both invigorating and affirming.

Previously, Mrs. Campbell taught English 3 and English 4. Now, she teaches three sections of AS English Literature and Composition as well as one section of English 2. “I hope students enhance or develop a love of reading and see how important language is,” Mrs. Campbell smiled, “It’s important to be exposed to different voices and experiences outside their own while advocating for their own voice as well.”

After the academic day, Mrs. Campbell coaches JV Girls Soccer and Intramural Tennis and is on duty in the Dining Hall on Fridays. At night, she enjoys family time with her two children, Owen, who’s six years old, and Rosie, who’s 4 years old, as well as Mr. Campbell, who has also returned to Kent.