Teacher Profile: College Counselor and New Dorm Head Ms. Pratt

Polina Frenkel, Campus Reporter

This year, Ms. Pratt, a Kent alumna, has been appointed Head of Hoerle Hall Dorm as well as a new member of the Kent College Counseling Department.

 Ms. Pratt was raised in Madison, Connecticut, which is twenty minutes from the shore of New Haven. She grew up surrounded by hockey and boating, and she traveled a lot, especially to the Bahamas, so she never really settled down in one location for very long. 

After attending Kent, Ms. Pratt decided to return because of the wonderful experiences she had while a student here. “I want to give these students here the same positive experience I had,” Ms. Pratt says. 

Ms. Pratt has found it both exciting and challenging to take on the role of Dorm Head. She is excited about the dorm activities and snacks as well as engaging with all the kids there. However, there have also been a lot of inquiries regarding dorm policies and changing roommates. Instead of making any significant changes this year, Ms. Pratt is focusing on obtaining a sense of the dorm community and how things operate. “Each dorm has its own personality and how things flow, so we will determine what functions best for Hoerle. Overall, I love running the dorm because it allows me to connect with all of you!” says Ms. Pratt.

For Ms. Pratt, joining the Kent College Counseling team has been exciting as well.  She considers it essential that a college counselor assist students in realizing their potential and value. Getting to know kids during such an exciting period in their lives—the college process—inspires Ms. Pratt greatly. “The college application process is the culmination of all you have done so far. What I recommend the most is to focus on yourself – there will be so many outside opinions but it’s important to listen to yourself,” Ms. Pratt advises.