New Math Department Chair Kendra Galusha


courtesy of Mrs. Galusha

The Galusha Family at the wedding of their son John

Polina Frenkel, Campus Reporter

Mrs. Galusha, who has rejoined the Kent Community, is the new Chair of the Math Department and the Head Coach of the Girls Varsity Volleyball Team. 

Mrs. Galusha grew up in Hershey, Pennsylvania. She has two older brothers, and she has always been surrounded by sports and music because her dad worked as a coach and as an athletic director, and her mom was a music teacher. Mrs. Galusha attended Houghton College, a small liberal arts school in New York state, where she received a Mathematics degree.

After working at Kent School for 15 years as a Math teacher, and coaching basketball, soccer, and lacrosse, she moved to North Carolina, where she worked at Asheville School. She then worked at Westover School, and now she is excited to be back to Kent especially because of the volleyball program, which is her main sport. “We had ups and downs because of illnesses and injuries, but we are starting strong and everybody is in full strength,” Mrs. Galusha comments on the Girls’ Varsity Volleyball team.

   Stepping up to being a Head of the Math Department has been both exciting and challenging for Mrs. Galusha. “It’s very busy. The students keep me on my toes because there are a lot of questions not only about math, but also the placement. I want to make sure everybody is in the right place to do their best!” she says. 

Mrs. Galusha is getting used to the new schedule, and the place, especially because Kent is a bigger school, and there are a lot more students (and questions) than in her previous schools. Mrs. Galusha’s favorite aspect of the Kent community is the professionalism of her colleagues.

In addition to serving as Chair, she also teaches Geometry, Introduction to Calculus, and Honors Precalculus. Her teaching motto this year is that “Sometimes it’s important to realize that when you are struggling, there is so much to be grateful for. You have to see the other side of the struggle: figure out the way to pick yourself up, and work hard in the moment,”  she says. 

Mrs. Galusha is enjoying her return to Kent: her family has lifelong friends here, and her three children were born here and are close to other faculty children. Mrs. Galusha especially likes living on the Housatonic River, where they can take their dog, Bosco, swimming or go kayaking.