Team Profile: Golf

Arthur Wang, Campus Reporter

Kent’s golf team consists of 6 members and 2 subs that will rotate to participate in varsity games. All the varsity members are coached by Mr. Sokolnicki, who also teaches Biology and Genetics. There are also 10 members who play JV. 

Each day our golf team practiced their skills and held small games within the team. Although they are trying their best to make progress, there are several difficulties lying on the road. Golf practice requires specific weather and field conditions, but in the beginning few months of the golf season, the weather conditions were not ideal. Rainy, cold, and windy weather largely influenced the training conditions when the team practiced on the outdoor course. Also, sometimes the private course that they are using is occupied. All these present difficulties to our golf team. 

However, Mr. Sokolnicki and the varsity team really valued the practicing time despite these difficulties. “We try to use the time as effectively as possible. If we get the opportunity to get on the course and people are playing well, we will go play,” said Mr. Sokolnicki.

The positive attitude of the coach and the whole team helped them achieve several remarkable accomplishments. On Wednesday, May 4th, they defeated Choate by 3 points, 204:201. Recently, in another game, the JV team crushed Berkshire 280-220. “Our varsity team is in a really good position. There are three seniors that are very capable and they are helping to carry the others,” said Mr. Sokolnicki. “I am confident that we are moving in the right direction, and that we are going to have a strong end of the season.” 

Mr. Sokolnicki describes his experience as head coach in a very pleasant way, since all the members are very motivated and don’t find excuses for missing practices. He also expresses his positive coaching philosophy:  “I really want to see people play to their ability. Winning and losing are normal, but the bigger thing is our people are improving and they are getting to their potential.”