Team Profile: Boys Varsity Tennis

Aaron Liu, Campus Reporter

One of the youngest and most aspiring teams in Kent, Boys Varsity Tennis has had a a challenging but meaningful season. As they endure losses and embrace wins, the team looks like a real prospect for Kent in the coming years.

Led by Captains Christian Coon, Andy Chen, and Anthony Palatore, the team is a relatively young one; of the ten-person team, three are third-formers and five are fourth-formers. With only two sixth-formers and no fifth-, it looks like this is a team with little turnover and therefore some real potential to grow next year. 

“I see a lot of potential on this team,” Dr. Tucker, the Head Coach, said recently. “ It has a lot of potential, and with the younger players, it can become one of the better teams in New England.”

Currently, the team is at a respectable position in the Founders league. Although they have failed to find their cadence at their first six matches, where they have unfortunately lost, they are now on a three-game winning streak and are hoping to achieve more throughout the remaining season. “I think we are not on the level of the very strong teams, such as Brunswick and Taft, but competing with them gave us a lot of experience, which is crucial,” said Dr. Tucker. He also mentioned that many of the matches were lost because of the team’s relatively young mentality, which he hopes will improve next year.

Dr. Tucker believes that the crucial part of making the team better is to encourage aggressive play. He believes that the technique of the team is overall quite good, but being able to make more net plays will earn the team a lot more points. “Tennis, like every other sport, requires good mentality and momentum. If we can make more aggressive plays, such as attacking the net, it’s going to increase the chances for us winning,” said Dr. Tucker.

In the end, Dr. Tucker is very grateful to have gotten to work with such a talented group of players. “I would like to thank the players of the team because I believe they made a lot of progress through the season. Also shout out to Mr. McKenzie! He has been a great factor for the team’s success.”