Spring Concert Rolls Back with Style


Aaron Liu, Campus Reporter

This year’s Spring Concert, back to “normal” after years of covid-related disruptions, provided the crowd with many beautiful performances and songs. Songs from famous films, such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Star Wars, were presented by the choir and band members. As members performed again without masks for the first time in three years, the 2022 spring concerts was one that was hard to forget.

The Spring Concert celebrates the soon-departing sixth-formers and their wonderful four-year experience at Kent. Sixth-formers wear a boutonnière as they enjoy their last performance. “We also hold Tri-M award ceremonies at the Spring Concert,” said Ms. Pendal, Director of the Music Program. “It’s an important ritual we do every year in order to commemorate the outstanding seniors in our society.” This year, there were 9 seniors recognized as Tri M members, and 2 additional adults.

Without the restrictions of a mask, this year’s spring concert was filled with a lot more liveliness. “It has been three years since our last spring concert was free of masks, and I think this is the best aspect of this concert: we can see the faces of our lovely concert members!” said Ms. Pendal. “Another important element is that we can celebrate the growth of the choir as a whole. People have been improving!” And indeed such improvement can be seen, especially for the concert choir; they started the year singing Shenandoah, and ended by rocking the audience with Can’t Stop the Feeling, a popular pop song.

There will also be interesting arrangements made next year, as Mr. Stewart will become the Chair of the new Performing Arts Department. “It will definitely increase the attention of visual arts, and we might even anticipate collaboration between, for example, drama and music. It will definitely be nice,” said Ms. Pendal.