“Senior Privileges” for the Sixth Form

Albert Dai, Campus Reporter

As a way to celebrate sixth-formers’ time at Kent and to appreciate their contribution to the school, senior privileges are offered to all sixth-formers in good disciplinary standing in indicator 6. 

Allowing them to be more relaxed, these privileges are designed to help seniors who have already made their college decisions to enjoy the rest of their time at Kent. In short, these privileges provide later town permission, later access to the fitness center, and a more relaxed dress code. Specifically, they allow apparel including polo shirts and sweatshirts or quarter zips representing Kent or the college the student is attending as a way to show pride. It is worth noting that two layers are still required, and hooded sweatshirts are prohibited. 

While privileges are earned, only students with no work hours and attendance below the allowable threshold have access to these privileges. In addition, sixth-form students may lose their privileges if they are found in town with someone without privileges or exceed the allowable absence mark for the indicator as they’ll receive hours. 

Being here at Kent for more than nine years, Mr. Reinhardt recalled that these privileges are very much similar to those of previous years, becoming a Kent tradition. As a result of discussions with the senior council and faculty members, these privileges are open to suggestions and might change in the future. Last but not least, Mr. Reinhardt suggested that, while it’s okay to relax a little bit in Spring, seniors leave Kent with some legacy, making their time at Kent a good experience.