Boys Squash Wins National Championship


Arthur Wang, Campus Reporter

After many years, our boys varsity squash team now stands out as one of the most competitive teams in the United States. After a long but very successful season this past winter, they won the National Championship 4-3 against Brunswick. 

To become one of the top teams in the United States, they practiced hard throughout the season. Each day they tried to be as competitive as they could. Polishing skills and developing strategies were their main goals for each practice. All of the team members were fully committed and reached beyond their limit for every game of the season. 

Besides practicing individual skills, the varsity team also values teamwork. “We think of squash as a very individual sport, but to reach the level of the national championship, it is the whole team that has to matter the most,” said team manager Aaron Guan. 

Federico Sosa Uranga, one of the varsity players, had  just recovered from an injury but was able to stand out in the national championship. During one game at the national championship, he fell into disadvantage in the first round. However, it was his teammates and coaches that stood behind him and pushed him. After reset, he played perfectly, cheered on by his team.

Although their performance throughout the season can be described as excellent, there were still challenges. “There were a lot of mental difficulties of constantly having games against tough teams,” said Guan. He cited particular pressure brought by playing powerhouse Brunswick three times in the season. 

Some of the players lacked confidence at times and doubted their success. However, these difficulties were considered nothing when facing another quality the head coach Mr. Seth valued: team spirit. According to Seth, building up a healthy relationship is as crucial as practicing skills, since it helps each player to encourage each other and stay mentally strong and confident. 

When talking about the future, Mr. Seth was very positive about the next year’s boys varsity team: “we will try to integrate new members, and try to be as competitive as we can and be better each day.”