Team Profile: Girls Varsity Tennis


Polina Frenkel, Campus Reporter

       This Wednesday, the Girls Varsity Tennis Team performed to their greatest ability against one of the toughest tennis teams – Greenwich Academy. The match started with the doubles played by Paula Lanius ’23 and Kaitlyn Shen ’23, Isabella Tang’22 and Alina Harned’23, and Taylor Elms’ 23 and LuLu Ransom ’23.

       While the outcome of the game came to 6-3 to Greenwich Academy, Kent’s number one player, Paula Lanius ’23, performed really well in both her singles and doubles matches. Paula and Kaitlyn, who played number one doubles matches, were leading 4-0 using their best techniques of serving, backhands, and volleys. The fifth, seventh, and the ninth matches of the series were won by Greenwich Academy, and the match ended with a 8-3 score to Kent. It’s worth noting that two of the games were won 40-0 as Paula’s serves were absolutely impossible for Greenwich to return. Paula also won her singles match with the score of 8-2.

     Head Coach of the team, Mr. Ober, who has been coaching for 30 years, says that he appreciates seeing hard work and support for their teammates from the girls. “We have a really good number one player, and her playing against another number one really improved the morale of the game,” Mr. Ober adds. 

       The captains of the team, Anna Jang ’22 and Isabella Tang ’22, have been very impressed with the team’s spirit and sportsmanship; they are also looking forward to this season especially, because it is their last spring term at Kent. 

      The Girls’ Varsity team already faced Sacred Heart, Miss Porters, Kingswood Oxford, and next Saturday they will take on Westminster School.