The College Process: not quite as scary as it sounds

Aaron Liu, Campus Reporter

2022 is another year of triumphant results from the school’s Early Decisions results. As the winter term began, many Kent students received offers from prestigious schools such as Harvard, Princeton, and Columbia. While the college application process sounds years ahead for underformers, many students wonder how they should allocate their time each year at Kent to be accepted into their dream school.

College application isn’t just an exam-oriented assessment where the college checks boxes to judge whether you are good enough or not; in fact, it is through a series of personal pursuits and passion, whether it is academic or athletic, that you show the colleges you are a strong suit for them. Thus, the process of building yourself begins right after you come to Kent. “Freshman year can be tough. Not everyone can comfortably acclimate to a new environment, but here’s where the mindset of discovering yourself begins.” says Mr. Rousseau, the director of College Counseling. He encourages students to experience Kent in their freshman year, taking the advantages and opportunities available to search for what they love. “Stay hungry, stay foolish, and keep feasting on your passion,” Mr. Rousseau advised. 

When students approach their late sophomore and early junior year, they are properly exposed to the college application process. They will be each assigned to a college counselor who will help the student through the process, including writing college essays, taking standardized tests, and making college selections. It is important to note that college counselors are only giving advice, not final solutions. As Mr. Rousseau expressed, “you decide what college you want to go to, and we are here to help you.” 

As the most stressful part of the application process, senior fall is when every piece of the puzzle fits together, including college essays, interviews, and presentations. However, while encouraging students not to overthink, Mr. Rousseau also wanted students to cherish the last sprint of this long marathon. “I think for a student, the prospect of going to a college is very exciting. The process is an enjoyable experience, like climbing a mountain, to finally reach the top and glimpse the beautiful view.”

“I think it is important to know that no path is perfect, and to believe in yourself. It is common to be unclear about the future, so don’t constantly worry about it. Most importantly, if you put in 100 percent effort, you should get a result worthy of your payouts,” Logan Pronovost, who was admitted to Brown, shared. Similarly, Chris Kim, accepted by Cornell’s College of Architecture, Art, and Planning, suggested, “don’t compare yourself to others, and really believe in yourself! I never thought I would reach Cornell, but here I am, and I still can’t believe it.”