Teacher Profile: Mr. Morin


Albert Dai, Campus Reporter

A Kent alumnus, Mr. Morin has been at Kent for a total of eight years: four years as a student and another four years as a teacher. That experience provides him with a unique perspective in that he is able to recognize the amount of stress students have to manage from classes, sports, college, and social life. 

Mr. Morin not only teaches several classes, but also serves as a coach, a dorm parent, and the form dean. Holding multiple positions at Kent, Mr. Morin is able to know students from different aspects of life. Interestingly, Mr. Morin describes the experience of a faculty member to be similar except that “the focus has shifted from yourself to your students.”

In the classroom, Mr. Morin has taught AP Economics, New Student Seminar, and electives on Investments, Global Finance, and Capitalism. Although the content of each course varies, it is his consistent goal that his students can be engaged in class and get out of the classroom wanting to learn more. “I hope my students can get a life-long passion for what I am teaching,” said Mr. Morin. Being a part of the history department, Mr. Morin is also motivated by the department’s goal of building the research skills of students.

Aside from teaching, Mr. Morin also coaches Crew. According to Mr. Morin, “it is hard to switch roles from teacher to coach, as they require different mentalities.” Recognizing that crew is a unique sport, Mr. Morin plays the role of pushing students so that they know that “their limits are not what they think it is.” He further points out that sports are all about building your physical and mental resilience.

In addition, Mr. Morin works as the Assistant Dean of Students for the fifth form and is currently the head of the Middle Dorm South. Being on duty for two days every week and one weekend every month, he is in charge of all aspects of the school. From a birdseye view, he communicates with and answers questions from students, parents, teachers, coaches, and dorm parents like himself. 

Just like how Kent students left their home for education, however, Mr. Morin’s academic interest doesn’t stop here at Kent. He is currently getting his master’s degree in data science at University of California, Berkeley. We look forward to something new that Mr. Morin will bring to Kent. According to Mr. Morin, “teaching at Kent is being at home. It is where I am supposed to be.”