Teacher Profile: Mr. Benjamin


Arthur Wang, Campus Reporter

A longstanding member of the Kent community, Mr. Benjamin moved to Kent right after he graduated from college in 1998 to be with his wife, Modern Language Chair Mrs. Kristin Benjamin. He started his teaching career at Kent School three years later. 

Over the past 23 years, Mr. Benjamin has worked a lot of different jobs. He first started as a teacher at Kent School in 2001 and taught for 9 years. He then continued his teaching at South Kent for another 3 years. In 2013, he returned to Kent School and taught for one year. Shortly thereafter, he worked for the Kent Land Trust in the land conservation field for another 5 years. He came back to Kent School once again in 2019 and continued his teaching until the present time. Having taught at Kent School for a total of 12 years, Mr. Benjamin currently teachers Honor Chemistry and Advanced Studies in Chemistry as well as serving as the head coach of Boys Varsity Soccer and the assistant coach of Girls Varsity Basketball. 

He has very much enjoyed his teaching career all these years and said he enjoys it even more as time goes on. “Having had a bunch of different jobs and being able to compare what I do now to what I have done before seems particularly rewarding now,” he said. Though he enjoys teaching, Mr. Benjamin also finds teaching at Kent very challenging. As a very responsible teacher, in order to meet the needs of his students, he adjusts his teaching methods and styles every time he meets new students. He sees each new class as a start of a brand new job.  “This is the hardest job I have ever had. Every time you have new students you have a new job,” said Mr. Benjamin. 

Mr. Benjamin is also very fond of the community of Kent for it has been very supportive and very social. He also very much enjoys sharing meals with colleagues, and he feels grateful for Kent to offer him an opportunity to meet people from all over the world. When there are no school sessions, Mr. Benjamin is a great fan of fishing, bicycling, and gardening. He spends most of his spare time taking care of his garden. When talking about plans for the future, Mr. Benjamin is pretty sure that he is going to continue teaching at Kent School with his wife Mrs. Benjamin.

When he is asked about something he wants to say to students at Kent, he said: “Be as focused as you can on the present, and not so much worried about the future. Under the background of a boarding school, you always have to know what you are doing next, and sometimes it’s better if you can just appreciate where you are.”