Teacher Profile: Ms. Robbins

Polina Frenkel, Campus Reporter

Ms. Robbins, a new member of the Kent Community, teaches English 2 and English 3. She grew up in Northern Virginia, just outside of Washington, D.C., and attended high school there as well. Ms. Robbins recalls herself as a child who always enjoyed studying. 

She went on to Princeton University to further her studies, where she majored in English literature. “I loved the academic program there since I was able to study areas that I was interested in. I liked how we could learn about a wide range of topics in class, from formal coursework to viewing Broadway musicals,” Ms. Robbins shares. She was also a member of the Princeton Tower Club, which was a place for students to have meals and hang out. 

Following Princeton, Ms. Robbins continued her career at a New York City law firm, where she took the position of a paralegal. Then, realizing that she wanted to pursue literature, Ms. Robbins worked at Barnes & Noble book store in the children’s section. The University of Chicago was the final destination for her to get a Master’s Degree in English Literature. 

Literature is one of Ms. Robbins’s passions; she enjoys reading popular books and then studying them more thoroughly. Ms. Robbins’s favorite book is A Court Of Mist and Fury, the sequel to A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas. This bestseller is based on a classic Greek mythology about Persephone being kidnapped by the God of the Underworld Hades. 

Figure skating is another of Ms. Robbins’s passions, which she has pursued since she was a child and throughout her school years: “I had so much fun being a figure skater,” she said.

Ms. Robbins, who is in her first year at Kent, says she loves the campus the most: “There are a lot of aspects about Kent that I like; the campus has a fun atmosphere and great energy. I enjoy walking around campus and seeing my students. I like how everything is linked together: athletics, academics, and other activities.” While she enjoys the campus, Ms. Robbins’ favorite locations in town include The House of Books on Main Street and Kingsley’s Tavern, which she especially enjoys visiting with her family.

This fall, Ms. Robbins devoted her afternoon time to underform play The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, which was a fantastic premiere for freshmen and sophomores. In fact, Ms. Robbins is also a musical fan: her favorite Broadway Musical is Wicked. In the winter, Ms. Robbins can be seen a lot on the pool dock; she is an assistant coach for the Varsity Diving team. 

In class, Ms. Robbins likes to see hard-working students, who are excited to learn new things: “I get excited when my kids are excited,” Ms. Robbins adds, referring to how important it is for her to ensure that each student feels like they have a certain area in which they can thrive.