Student Profile: Anna Jang ’22


David Leung, Campus Reporter

Anna Jang ‘22 is a member of the Senior Council, a prefect of Hoerle Hall, a varsity field hockey player, a girls varsity tennis captain, a peer tutor, and artist, the Asian Affinity Club leader… the list goes on and on.

As the Hoerle dorm prefect, Anna describes her job as “keeping the energy level up” and making sure the dorm community is intact and healthy. “I’ll make it a point to try to greet every girl in Hoerle. If you live in Hoerle, if I see you around, I’ll make sure to try to greet you,” Anna says. Besides being on study hall duty and checking people in, she says that being on the Senior Council is definitely a lot more work, but also quite fun. “I don’t see it as work, but it definitely takes up that time that I would’ve used to do homework and other things.” Asked whether she would like another role on the SC, Anna replies that, “Looking back now, doing my job as a dorm prefect, I realize now that I fit that role better. I feel like I am a dorm prefect for a reason because I like being that person that can make the community.”

As an athlete, Anna feels proud to be a part of both the field hockey team and the tennis team. Having only been on the varsity field hockey since last year, Anna says, “I’m really happy that I’m on the team because I feel like I get to work harder, push myself to be better.“ With a solid 7 wins in the season so far, Anna says that she is looking forward to continuing to play with her teammates. She also shows similar pride about being the tennis team captain. Jang says, “That environment, that community is so special to me because I’ve been on the team since freshman year. I’ve looked up to the girls that were on the team since freshman year and now being one of those people is really fun for me.”

Besides sports and academics, Anna also excels at art. Currently, she is working on a sculpture project, exploring ‘the Puritan idea of a castle on the hill’ and how Kent might also be a ‘castle on the hill.’ Preferring sculpture over all other media, Anna says, “I’m the type of person that I just like putting whatever’s in my mind into something where I don’t have to think too hard about it. I feel like sculpture is the best way to put things together and make something that I’m really happy with.”

Another thing on the long list of roles Anna has at Kent is being a leader in the Asian Affinity Club. Currently, Anna is the leader of the Asian-American side of the club, providing a safe space for Asian Americans as well as multi-ethnic Asians at Kent. “I think it’s just a great place to just talk, interact and have daily conversations. Just letting everyone know that we’re in this together, we have a community,” Anna says.

Back in Long Island where Anna is from, it was “super competitive and pretty monotonous.” According to her, Anna said “I wanted to come to Kent and boarding school to have a super unconventional high school experience, where I could meet a bunch of different types of people because there are only a few certain groups of people in Long Island. Coming here, I was able to see so many people, so many different places, so many different ideas.”

With her high school life ending soon, Anna said she just wants to “enjoy Kent, do something wild with my friends, something fun, bonding with my friends that I can look back on and remember.” On the future of Kent, she says that the school is going in an upward position. “When I’m in my mid 30s and I say that I’ve gone to Kent, I think that’s going to be a really prideful thing.”