JV Volleyball takes on IMS


Christina Zhang, Campus Reporter

The girls JV volleyball team played the Indian Mountain School over the first weekend of October. Coach Ceane has coached girls JV Volleyball for many years and is excited to continue. A new member of the coaching staff is Ms. Schade, who teaches in the history department. 

The girls opened the game with excitement and played defense with lots of grit and strength. Lila Nelson ‘22 and Katy Armstrong ‘24 blocked the opponents with great energy.  The ball went back and forth between both teams as both sides played with determination. Sabah Reina ‘25 played offense and defense with incredible spirit. Sami Maynard ‘24 and Jacalyn Jagtiani ‘24 blocked the ball. The team cheered each other on and continued throughout the game, the camaraderie that everyone shared was apparent. As the game concluded, though, IMS won. 

To Ceane, the most important aspect of a team is camaraderie. She believes that “having each other’s back, giving each other the benefit of the doubt” is critical to success as well as being “generous and kind.” Coach Ceane “looks forward to the moments when the team can have fun and be proud of themselves no matter what the score boards say. It’s possible to lose a game and still be proud of the way [the team] played and have a good time.” Ceane also talked about how COVID-19 changed her perspective on coaching. She said “it helped [her] appreciate coaching so much more, having missed a year of competitive athletics, [she] realized how much [she] enjoyed it.” 

Some goals for this season include developing the team spirit and emphasizing on progress. Coach Ceane’s favorite piece of advice is to focus on “progress, not perfection.” 

The JV Volleyball team will play against the Sacred Heart Academy over parents weekend, and we wish them the best of luck.