A chance to get involved: the Club and Affinity Group Fair

Christina Zhang, Campus Reporter

The Club and Affinity Group Fair occurred on Thursday, September 23rd at the indoor tennis courts. More than eighty clubs participated, including thirty two new ones. 

During COVID-19 the school had to host the clubs fair online, so it was exciting to see all the clubs back in person. The doors opened at 5:30pm, and students flooded in. Energy filled the room, music was playing and people were talking about all things that interested them. Club leaders arrived early to set up their booths, including the new Creative Writing Club, led by Margaret Yemington ‘23 and Gabriel Bennett ‘23, who brought candy to encourage sign ups. 

Other new clubs this year are the Stargazing Club, founded by Eugene Park ‘22, Alejandro Forero Rey ‘22, Charlotte Cochener ‘22. Alejandro spoke about the club’s goal which is to “help people realize the importance of stars and to relax after a stressful day.” Another newly revamped club is the Photography & Modeling Club by Lemur Han ‘23. Lemur wants to “help students create a photography portfolio and perhaps start a new magazine at Kent.” The club will ideally meet on the weekends and have photoshoots around campus. 

A returning group is the Solar Car Club led by Luke Zipkin ‘22. Luke’s hopes to “get more people interested in engineering, and bring more people into the solar car competition.” The History Club, led by Michael Zhu ‘22, is another returning club. The goal for this year is to “take the study of history at Kent School beyond just textbooks.” 

The Student of Hispanic and Black Union is a returning affinity group. Club Leader Jordon Benjamin ‘22 hopes “to create a more fair place for kids who are of color because sometimes we do not feel like we belong.” 

Emprov, another returning club, is led by Arden Minor ‘24 and Colin Pfiefer ‘24. Arden expressed that she hopes “to start rebuilding Emprov since [the club] lost a lot of seniors last year.” Emprov, being a performing arts club, hosts a show typically in the spring. Due to COVID-19 the group couldn’t perform, but the club has high hopes to do a show this school year. 

All who attended shared an eagerness to welcome new members and begin to offer opportunities for students to engage with the community and the world at large.