Artist Profile: Chloe Mao ’21

Emily Yuan, Campus Reporter

Passionate about drawing since she was a little girl, Chloe Mao ‘21 looks forward to pursuing her dreams at the Rhode Island School of Design with a full scholarship. 

After coming to Kent in her freshman year, Chloe was exposed to a more liberal style of art. The art faculty here supported her and helped her expand her horizons without limiting her thoughts, different from teachers she’s had in the past. Chloe especially loves fine art, in which she includes her personal emotions. 

Taking advantage of the afternoon activity studio arts, Chloe enjoys creating artwork about the theme Death and Rebirth, which she chose for her AP Art Portfolio project. Regularly meeting with teachers to check her progress, Chloe shares that “the teachers are all very supportive. If there’s something I need that isn’t in the supply room, they’ll get it for me.” 

During the pandemic, Chloe appreciates the extra time she has to immerse herself in art. “One of the reasons that I chose Kent was because it’s quite isolated from the outside world,” smiled Chloe. “It’s the perfect place for drawing.” 

Altering her course selection based on her interest in art,  Chloe has taken sculpture, photography, AP Art Portfolio, and psychology, as her paintings have close relationships with one’s internal emotions and dreams. 

When asked what tips she would give new students, Chloe grins, “to follow your dreams. Do what you’re passionate about, don’t be restricted by any outside factors, and utilize the available resources. Also keep in mind that all teachers are extremely supportive. If you ever need something, just ask.”