Girls lacrosse is 5-1 this spring

Lia Fadiman, Campus Reporter

This season, we watched as Kent girls varsity lacrosse dominated. Having Mrs. Clark as a new coach, with many new players coming in and moving up from JV,  many didn’t know what to expect. Thanks to captains Hannah Kent, Mallory Mauracher, and Kyla Wilson, there was strong senior leadership on the team, and this season they went 5-1, one of the better win-loss ratios we have seen in a while. 

The team focused on stick skills and fitness, with a lot of team runs throughout the season. Mauracher said that this season was “something new. We focused majorly on team bonding and finding our footing as a group. It was nice to have a season that allowed us to take things slower, and our record shows how beneficial this was for us.” 

Next season, the coaching staff will stay the same with Mrs. Duncan and Mrs. Clark at the helm, assisted by captains Megan Woodworth and Sophia Darras.