Team Profile: Varsity Softball


Aaron Liu, Campus Reporter

The season for softball slowly comes to an end with the team, perhaps the most talented group of players the school has seen in the past decade, putting out an astonishing performance. 

The varsity softball team consisted of core players that won the Founders League Championships in 2019 when they were still sophomores. As they sought to continue their success in 2020, COVID struck, cancelling the 2020 season for all our spring athletes.

Ever since, things have been a little bit different. “Normally we would go to Florida and have some games played before the season begins, but this year we do not have that opportunity. The Founders League was canceled, so we only got a few games in hand. This is not the best news since softball is a game where improvement comes from playing games,” said Mr. Zurolo, Head Coach.

That challenge, though, hasn’t stopped them. The team hammered Miss Porter’s School two times, home and away, winning both games 15-0 back to back, the best possible score. They also just beat Suffield 9-3, adding another win to the season. However, the team was frustrated by a close loss against Lawrenceville, 3-5. When asked about how the team learned from that loss, Mr. Zurolo says, “It was a good learning opportunity. They have a solid team, and we learnt a lot by reviewing our gameplay. We really focused on what we can improve from that game and it was very meaningful.”

Sadly, next year the team will be losing two of its finest players in sixth-formers Jessica Green and Tegan Graham, both of whom will go on to play in college, Green at D1 Hofstra and Jessica at D3 Hamilton. But Zurolo is optimistic about the new players coming in and so we hope the best is yet to come.