Varsity Baseball hitting well in spite of early-season losses

Oscar Wang, Campus Reporter

As the short spring season moves forward, Kent Varsity Baseball has completed one third of its games. Though they haven’t had many wins, said Coach Jake Bennett, “We are not too concerned about our current record. Avon is a very talented team, it is reasonable that we lost to them consecutively. Next time we would strive for at least one win against elite teams like Avon. I am confident that Kent Varsity Baseball will be more prepared against the following teams.”

So far, Coach Bennett would consider Niko Candido the MVP of the team, due to his huge contribution to both ends of the field. “He is basically impossible to be struck off the plate with his incredible eyes and quick reflexes. He hits the most and has the highest SLG, a batting stats that reflects a batter’s offensive impact. He is also the most polished defensive player,” said Bennett. Beside the enormous impact he brings on the field, his energy and positive attitude during practice diffuse to the whole team. He also leads the younger members by example, doing extra workouts during practices. 

Reflecting upon the strengths and weaknesses of the team, Bennett points to their offense, positive energy and execution. “This team can hit. There are five players that have a batting average over 300, which shows the fire power we have in this team. I also love the competitive energy our members bring to the daily practice,” Bennett commented. “However, at the same time, we can improve on our execution on basic things, like not walking batters and making necessary sacrifices when needed.”