Girls Tennis beats Porter’s


Lindsey Cho, Campus Reporter

On April 10th, girls varsity tennis earned a key victory in defeating Porter’s. It was a remarkable defeat that no one had predicted, since Porters is always a tough opponent in this sport. Their games were quite competitive and players cheered each other’s matches, continuously displaying teamwork and sportsmanship. Especially considering the challenge of the   pandemic, the win demonstrates how hardworking and dedicated each player was in spite of COVID-19. 

Lexy Pryor ‘21, the team captain, said that “ Team spirit has been great this year. We’re a small team and I’ve really seen people’s personalities shine through, especially during game days. Everyone’s always willing to help each other out. During the last few matches against Porter’s, we sat together and cheered our doubles players on, win or lose. Even when it’s a sluggish day the team maintains a fun atmosphere and is generally a great group to lead.” 

When there were no competitions to look forward to, team captains and coaches tried their best to motivate the team by putting more competition into practice and pushing them to their best abilities. Pryor ‘21 says, “As captain, I was pretty nervous for the beginning of the season, especially because we didn’t have many matches to stay motivated. The team has been great about putting their best foot forward in practice, but when morale gets low I find it’s helpful to use practice as an opportunity to compete. We’ve played a few scrimmages against KBVT and amongst ourselves, and that light-hearted competition really brings out the best in the team.”