Team profile: Boys Varsity Hockey

Lia Fadiman, Campus Reporter

Kent boys varsity hockey, captained by Nick Marciano and Cade McLaughlin with assistant captain Jake Hall, had a memorable season this year. Marciano said that it was, “short, but memorable, we were all excited to even have games. The squad was great, we think that we could have been best in New England.” 

Marciano continued: “All the new boys are standouts. We have a lot of kids with a work ethic that makes them not only want to be better athletes, but have a drive to be better students as well.” 

When asked about his favorite memory from the season, he quickly responded with the 3-on-3 league the team hosted. Seniors picked a team, with Marciano’s team, the Dragons, winning. Marciano described his picks as a “Legendary team, with amazing draft picks.” He also emphasized the appreciation the team felt during their game where spectators were allowed: “The home game against Avon was amazing because of the massive school support. Being a senior, I thought we weren’t going to be able to have one last game in the Nadal, feeling the community’s support. We were all thankful the new boys got to experience it for the first time, and all of the seniors were able to get closure on their time on the Kent boys varsity hockey team.” 

The year may have been short, but the boys have been able to find value in the little things. During skates, they learned to give everything they have every time; whether there was a game or not, they practiced for each other. The team was closer than ever due to the energy and dynamic created around playing hockey because they love it – it was a shared experience they had that reignited their passion for hockey. The team took a lot of new players, which changed the experience of the team completely. The team recollects their memories of the season, like pond skating, as some of their best memories.