Teachers on the Covid Vaccine

Oscar Wang, Campus News Reporter

As the COVID vaccine started to become available, more and more Kent faculty members, included in Phase 1B of Connecticut’s vaccine plan, have received the injection. 

Mrs. Russell, having just received the vaccine injection not long ago, provided a detailed description of what it is like when you receive the vaccine. “The line was long and you have to wait in your car for social distancing purposes, and you will usually wait until one hour after the appointed time,” she recalled, “then the doctor will prepare the vaccine that you have chosen. There are three choices, Pfizer, Moderna, or J & J, and each has different methods of treatment and side effects.” 

In regard to how people in general should respond to COVID after learning that a potential cure has been invented, one of the vaccine recipients, Mr. Hobbs, suggests that people should still be cautious about the disease since the cure is currently only theoretical. “We have the responsibility to continue to be disciplined about social distancing and preventing the spread of the virus,” commented Mr. Hobbs. “Since there are still many people not receiving the vaccine, so we shouldn’t act like the world has returned to normal.” 

The fear of receiving vaccine injection has been a controversial topic in this country since people with different cultures and religions share different opinions toward the safety of vaccines. In response to this, different faculties share different opinions. Mr. Hobbs admits that he understands the degree of difficulty for certain religious group who views vaccine as some sort of conspiracy to accept; however, he believes that the risk of getting sickness due to a vaccine is smaller and more worthy of undertaking than the risk of getting the COVID itself since we are striving for a potential solution that would benefit everyone in this world. 

Dr. Green, on the other hand, strongly believes that it is everyone’s responsibility to understand the urgency of the problem and take the action that will benefit the most people, which is receiving the vaccine in this case.