KENT NEWS reporters reflect on Social Justice Week

Lindsey Cho, Lia Fadiman, Aaron Liu, Campus Reporters

Lindsey Cho, ‘23

Social Justice Week was an amazing time where I could learn about what is happening in the world around me, and reflect on myself as an Asian American studying abroad. The workshops were amazing and really got everyone engaged. I attended a workshop that talked about racial/gender stereotypes we face in our daily lives. These workshops allowed me to share my thoughts with others and listen to different perspectives from students from different backgrounds. Another huge part of the week was the speaker.  They explained that there is no conclusion to racial issues, but there is always a gap to make it better.  They inspired me to speak up for my own self and believe that I am capable of making a difference. 

Lia Fadiman ‘21

This year, as a senior, I got the opportunity to lead a workshop on privilege along with Lexy Pryor ‘21. We were worried about the response going in – acknowledging privilege is a hard thing, especially at a bastion of privilege like Kent. Yet, our group was willing to let down their defences and recognize how lucky they have been in many ways, while also noting where they had less privilege. We administered a privilege walk with assigned colors to represent privilege. We discussed ways in which we didn’t even recognize how privilege played a factor, through educational attainment and opportunities, to lifestyle aspects such as if someone’s family owned a computer or not. Following this, Lexy and I passed out paper and everyone began our workshop’s last part, their manifestos. Currently they are displayed down the boardwalk, in the library, and in the dining hall – they all have everyone’s most important message. Mine said all children have happy homes, then I detailed further into the policy changes I wanted to see within the American government.

Aaron Liu, ‘24

I am very grateful for the Social Justice Week we just had. I, as a Chinese freshman, have never been properly instructed about the hate going on around the world, as China is more of an isolated bubble in terms of race. So, when the shootings happened in Atlanta, I was stunned. Asians, people who share the same ethnicity with me, were murdered because of their skin color. I was confused and sad, and I didn’t know what to do. However, as I went into the Anti-Semitism workshop on Monday, where I learned about how this hate was targeted toward another group, I was able to uncover a part of this mist inside my heart.  Moreover, this mist of racial hate was able to be uncovered fully by Janaya Khan on Tuesday. From them, I found a way to fight for my own rights as an ethnic minority here in America, where I can identify myself proudly as an Asian.