Covid restrictions ease…. more to come?

Aaron Liu, Campus Reporter

The 2020-2021 school year of Kent has definitely been a weird one. We are under the threat of an “invisible enemy” and forced to put on a mask which constantly hid our lovely smiles. However, as Kent continues its clean record on COVID cases, the better days are yet to come where more freedom will be granted.

“Improvements are obviously being made. Last fall we could only make one interscholastic sport competition happen, and now we’ve got five,” said Mr. Reinhardt, the dean of students said during the interview with the Kent News. “Now students can also visit their friends in other dorms and things are likely to get even better.”

However, as a prerequisite for being granted more freedom across the campus, the school has to continue its form on the negative results on the COVID testing. Also, decision making is largely based on guidance from the Health Center and CT state COVID policies. 

While great progress has been made, obstacles are still present during this unpredictable period. Mr. Reinhardt said that there is “still much that we cannot manage to control, for example the surrounding community.”

Hopefully, we can still expect a much more normal year for the next fall term. The state of Connecticut is gradually introducing the vaccine to teenagers and young adults that are sixteen and over. Hopefully, even the barriers of travel would be put down as the animosity to certain foreign countries settles down under the Biden government. With these positive prospects, we are likely to see more of what a normal Kent school year looks like in the fall.